TEDxBrasov 2017: Start With WHY

The name of the event is “Start with why?”. We believe is important to remember that almost everything we do, choose in life begins from this question. We have to remember that we have to allow us to be a bit crazy, to think from a different point of view.


“I wonder why. I wonder why. I wonder why I wonder.”


Inspired by Simon Sinek we have chosen to bring to light (shed a light on ) the importance of asking “why?”. Just as Simon Sinek analyzed in his book, all the great world leaders have a different perspective on human interaction. They all follow the same guidelines which is different from the general behavior. This is why, at Tedx Brasov, we want to share the same question and give these examples to our audience. To show them this new way of thinking and its benefits.

Starting with “why?” comes from a deeper desire that we all have, our brain is meant to be curious. So we want people to ask themselves “Why are they the way they are?”, Why do they believe the things they believe and to start with why for everything they do, believe, trust or expect.

Start with (your) WHY in:









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