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Lucia Radu-Simota: on creativity and passion for design

The name tags for the TEDxBrasov speakers were designed by Lucia Radu-Simota of Rainbow Design. The created element of visual identity, the crown and its roots – the Braşov coat of arms – put together by Lucia, was instantly successful with the public, being taken... read more

Alexandru Benko – Renewable green energy

The ecologist and businessman, Eng. Alex Benko (video on the right) plants trees where grass doesn’t grow, and neither do corn, potatoes or grains… He plants those trees in swampy areas, that are unfit for farming. But those trees don’t produce fruit – they produce... read more

Nichifor Mihail Zăbavă at TEDxBrasov 2015

  A story, an idea and then the app. How easy is to move your wallet into your phone and how easy is to use it. What is the next generation on e-wallets, the future of bank accounts and transactions will be presented by Nichifor. Nichifor Mihail Zăbavă has ten... read more

Silviu Măgureanu at TEDxBrasov 2015

In XXI century, the mankind is becoming more comfortable and is more picky. Silviu Magureanu proposes to turn laziness into innovative and efficiency solutions. Silviu Magureanu is the manager of AJA Registrars Romania, a company that manufactures air purification and... read more

Stéphane Combremont at TEDxBrasov 2015

Stéphane Combremont, who worked at a US multinational company, which moved its headquarters from Switzerland to another country, proposes a successful solution, out of the crisis, in 3 points. The former swiss IT and data security specialist, Stéphane Combremont, is a... read more

Alina Ursu at TEDxBrasov 2015

  Alina Ursu’s story can be summed up in a few words: I lived in a ghetto, and discovered my mission. In the following years, she attended university at the faculty of Psychology and Science of Education, with a degree in pedagogy. Today, she is the owner... read more

TEDxBrasov 2015 took place on Friday, May 29, 2015 at the Conacul Helsdorf Brasov.

TEDxBrasov aims to give voice to the exceptional, creative and visionary to create a day of uncommon inspiration.

The event was a dynamic opportunity to present local and national talent in and for the city of Brasov. Celebrating the ancient while embracing the modern, we  experienced the mosaic of innovation and wisdom that embodies the spirit of Brasov.


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