Cătălina Oana Curceanu

Dr. Catalina CurceanuDr. Cătălina Curceanu was born in Brasov (Romania) and graduated in physics with the highest qualification in Bucharest.

She obtained her PhD Summa cum Laude in experimental particle and nuclear physics within the OBELIX experiment at world renowned particle laboratory CERN in Geneva. Since many years she lives in Italy and works, as researcher and group leader, at the Italys National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati.

She leads a research team performing nuclear and fundamental physics experiments on the DAFNE collider at Frascati and also at the underground laboratory of Gran Sasso. Her team participates in experiments performed at CERN in Geneva and J-PARC in Japan.

Dr Curceanu is member of the Foundational Question Institute (FQXi) and author of more than 250 scientific papers in international journals and has obtained prestigious international awards, including those from the FQXi, Australian Institute of Physics and from the John Templeton foundations for her studies in quantum physics. She is heavily engaged in science outreach. Her book From Black Holes to Hadron Therapy. A Journey into Modern Physics reflects her passion to explain beauty and importance of science.

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