Intro for the 2015 TEDxBrasov video
All TED fans know that every video contains a small section, a few second mark that precedes the topic announced in the title. Sometimes this section is called INTRO.
The TEDxBrasov IT and design team, made up of Leon’s GraphicsRainbow Design and has managed to blend the following 3 essential elements that define the body of an Intro:

  1. The theme of TEDxBrasov for 2015, “What`s the point?”
  2. The brand of Brasov, specifically its 1429 coat of arms: a tree trunk towered over by a crown.
  3. The local TEDxBrasovbrand, under a TED

Offering my thanks to the team consisting of
Leon’s GraphicsRainbow Design and,
for making this TEDxBrasov INTRO, I welcome you to the premiere showing of the opening section of every TEDxBrasov TALKS video.

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