Alexandru Benko – Renewable green energy

The ecologist and businessman, Eng. Alex Benko (video on the right) plants trees where grass doesn’t grow, and neither do corn, potatoes or grains…

He plants those trees in swampy areas, that are unfit for farming. But those trees don’t produce fruit – they produce energy.

The tree that Eng. Alex Benko talks about in the TEDxBrasov clip is the Swedish energetic willow.

In a world where we are forced to keep up with automation and robotics, we need more and more energy. And if this energy is green, that means it regenerates every year, automatically, so the idea that Eng. Alex Benko shares with us at TEDxBrasov is truly a great one.

Still, in order for this idea to become reality in cities like Braşov, Cluj…we need, like Christian Macedonschi said (video on the left), a modern leadership structure, like the SMART CITY.

We need people who understand that the new trade routes pass through the broadband… or, like communication professor, Dr. Dumitru Borţun (video in the middle) tells us, we need modern people to build a modern society, because, look…

…the reason is simple…
…we cannot build a modern society with pre-modern citizens.

I am Tibi Ruczui.
Enjoy the clip!

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