Lucia Radu-Simota: on creativity and passion for design

Lucia Radu-Simota: on creativity and passion for design

Rainbow DesignThe name tags for the TEDxBrasov speakers were designed by Lucia Radu-Simota of Rainbow Design.

The created element of visual identity, the crown and its roots – the Braşov coat of arms – put together by Lucia, was instantly successful with the public, being taken over in different forms, with the help of Rainbow Design and the event’s official website,

As anyone who visits can see, every detail was well thought over in this element of visual identity – the favicon – which is a miniature with the styled Braşov coat of arms.  The making of such attractive icons naturally requires a passion for design, since after all, working on a project like this seems like sculpting on a grain of rice.


In the end, when someone volunteers for a project and works on it with as much passion as Lucia does, it meand that when we cooperate with people who are driven by passion, there’s no failing when building a dream. This dream will automatically and implicitly materialize.

Lucia, welcome to the TEDxBrasov dream! Lucia, a fated name, brought light into this dream.

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