Alina Ursu at TEDxBrasov 2015


Alina Ursu at TEDxBrasov 29 May 2015Alina Ursu’s story can be summed up in a few words: I lived in a ghetto, and discovered my mission. In the following years, she attended university at the faculty of Psychology and Science of Education, with a degree in pedagogy. Today, she is the owner of Al Consensio, a mentor at CRCR Cluj-Napoca and a kindergarten teacher at Brasov. Her mission revolves around education, which she believes to be the most important weapon there is, just like the philosophy of Nelson Mandela.

Alina Ursu prides herself with being of romani ethnic origin. She wanted to be the first romani woman in the country to talk at a TEDx event and succeeded.

14 ideas – worth spreading – that you can find in the speech held by Alina Ursu


  1. I lived in a ghetto, where I discovered my mission.
  2. In the ghetto, the word “future” means tomorrow at most, and education is a luxury.
  3. Let’s go play! This was the incentive. This was the first step towards education, when I started taking the ghetto children under my wings.
  4. If you look at people like they’re products, beneficiaries of certain pprojects or what’s worse, like they’re simpletons, you defeat your own purpose of fulfilling your mission.
  5. Marian is a three and a half year old boy who educated me, and taught me how to leave the ghetto.
  6. If today you can read a story to a child then do it, and don’t let that only happen at school!
  7. Don’t see the Romani child solely through the eyes of the media!
  8. Don’t let the purpose of education be lost!
  9. Parents and future parents, discrimination is learned at home, and it is harmful!


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