Stéphane Combremont at TEDxBrasov 2015

Stephane Combremont at TEDxBrasov 29 May 2015Stéphane Combremont, who worked at a US multinational company, which moved its headquarters from Switzerland to another country, proposes a successful solution, out of the crisis, in 3 points.

The former swiss IT and data security specialist, Stéphane Combremont, is a real-life role model. His philosophy is simple: the only constant element of a post-capitalist society is change. How do we perceive this change even perpetuate it when it comes to our own security, our job? Do we perceive it reactively or proactively? Stéphane Combremont proposes a proactive solution. And this solution has only three ingredients. And if you apply these ingredients then you really can be an agent of change and instead of becoming content with being unemployed, you can create new jobs, new concepts and new businesses. You can even, as demonstrated by Stéphane Combremont, create the first adventure park in Romania, and turn it into the No.1 tourist destination in a city like Brașov.

 14 ideas – worth spreading – that you can find in the speech held by Stephane Combremont:


  1. Why did I leave Switzerland to work in Romania?
  2. Like many Swiss people, I had an inaccurate view of Romania, and did not want to go there. I waited, but it became inevitable since unemployment benefit lasts for one year in Switzerland.
  3. If nobody wants to hire me, I’ll make my own business.
  4. I did not know how businesses work in Romania, and wasted three or four months in Bucharest.
  5. In fact, the biggest adventure in Romania is the administration.
  6. In Brasov I was lucky, I found a mayor I could talk to rather quickly. The mayor was thrilled with the idea of an adventure park, and helped me out with a large forest in Brasov.
  7. The most difficult road in life isn’t marked.
  8. The hardest thing in my life was adapting.



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