Silviu Măgureanu at TEDxBrasov 2015

Silviu Magureanu aTEDxBrasov 29 May 2015In XXI century, the mankind is becoming more comfortable and is more picky. Silviu Magureanu proposes to turn laziness into innovative and efficiency solutions.

Silviu Magureanu is the manager of AJA Registrars Romania, a company that manufactures air purification and sterilization systems for areas with a high risk of bio contamination, and also worked on air quality certification in hospitals. He is a well-known activist and philanthropist, having been active in causes such as civil rights, poverty, health, environment, economy and politics. Silviu Măgureanu is a skilled and informed speaker in the field of cognitive science, education and creativity.

14 ideas – worth spreading – that you can find in the speech held by Silviu Măgureanu:

  1. Laziness gives birth to nine out of ten inventions.
  2. My dream was to make an education system with three characteristics.
  3. The report card has to disappear from schools!
  4. Industry and education, whichever form it may take, has to be improved.

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