Laura Popeea at TEDxBrasov 2015


Laura Popeea at TEDxBrasov 29 May 2015What does it really mean to be a leader? How vulnerable should you be, and what is the place of your own ego in your story? 
Laura will provide her own insights to leadership.

Laura Popeea has over fourteen years of experience of achieving excellence in sales for companies such as Avon, ABN AMRO and Vodafone. She has a vast proficiency in training and coaching that she acquired during her active management activity. She received a bachelor’s degree in economy from the ”Dimitrie Cantemir” University, Faculty of International Relations, and a master’s degree from the National School of Political Science and Public Administration, Faculty of Communications and Public Relations. She believes that personal development is a way of life, and that each and every one of us is part of a process of constant evolution, knowledge and training, a process that will eventually lead to the gradual development of our own skills and abilities.

14 ideas – worth spreading – that you can find in the speech held by Laura Popeea:


  1. There is a certain magical moment, when you can get it together and start again.
  2. What is the mission of a leader?
  3. Leadership is done from the heart.


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