Marcel Cremene at TEDxBrasov 2015

Marcel Cremene at TEDxBrasov 29 May 2015Marcel’s speech brings to the fore the importance of critical thinking and how “the big questions” are the main tool for education and self-education.

A doctor and engineer in the field of computer science, Marcel Cremene is an associate professor at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. Having graduated from the same institution, he is an active member of its department of Communications, and head of the Adaptive Systems Research Laboratory. Between 2006 and 2009 he was a guest lecturer at the “Ecole Politechnique”, at the University of Nice. Currently, he teaches a wide variety of subjects to bachelor’s and master’s students. Marcel Cremene believes that we all need people to give us feedback, because “I can be wrong, you could be right and together we may find our way to the truth”

14 ideas – worth spreading – that you can find in the speech held by Dr. Marcel Cremene


  1. Is there a connection between the technology of information and social sciences?
  2. Does the evolution of technology mean that people are becoming more intelligent?
  3. What are fast thinking and slow thinking?
  4. The method through which we can develop slow thinking is more profound.
  5. Who manipulates us? The press, politicians, anyone can have something to gain from this.
  6. Intelligent citizens can choose more appropriate leaders.
  7. How can we encourage students to be more daring and ask questions?
  8. Is there an issue of image when we ask questions?
  9. Who are the allies of questions?
  10. What is it that occurs between childhood and adulthood?
  11. Why is a robot’s heart on the right?
  12. How does the authoritative teacher behave? Is he in fact limited by a complex?
  13. How can we avoid getting bored during presentations?
  14. How can we make decisions?
  15. Let’s make education a personal project.



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